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cellmedia's Journal

Cell Media
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Welcome to cellmedia, a community to share cell phone media such as ringtones, wallpaper & more. This community is locked,  to see the posts you must first join the community.

  • All post must be friends-locked.
  • Use a LJ-CUT tag for 2 or more wallpapers.
  • When posting to the community, a subject line & tag is required.
  • Commenting you took something or even just like something is always encouraged. Never be rude!
  • Requests are allowed only within certain posts.
  • Any promoting of this community must be done in f-locked posts.
read the full rules once you are a member.

There is a specific post for request.
  • Please limit your requests to 2 wallpapers & 2 Ringtones at a time.
  • Wait a while before your next request
  • You are welcome to request or help fill requests.
  • Do not hotlink!!
make request here.

Important Links  

Rules | Resources | FAQ | Requests

Mods: fatexsucks & breathe_again
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