July 16th, 2008

{Coffee} whipped


Hey guys,
I'm a newbie to the community and I have a smallish type of question.

I got myself a brand new LG Rumor Phone that I love to pieces so far even though I haven't used all that is offered with it but I will be exploring it more as I go and learn with it.

Anyway, my problem/question is this. I've recently added my number to my lj profile so people on my flist, if they want, could text me on my cell and I've also sent myself two tests to see if it works. A week later and I still haven't received those texts in my phone. My service provider is Bell Canada Mobility Inc., it is one available with lj and such and I've added the 1- that they suggest in adding with this provider and well, now I'm wondering if I'm missing something either with lj or in my cell phone. I checked in the very slim guide that came with my phone about text messages and it doesn't say much of anything except how to send one and blah blah blah.

Maybe some of you guys would be able to tell me?